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Havdala from a non Shomer Shabbos

Is it proper for a man who did not keep Shabbos to perform Havdallah? Is it halachacly acceptable to perform it for others?


One who is not Shomer Shabbos is still obligated in the mitzvah of havdala. As such, if he understands what he is saying and doing he can also perform it for others. Based on the circumstances, sometimes it is improper to honor such a person with reciting the havdala for others.

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  1. One who is not shomer shabbos has the din of a goy, as it says in 7 different places in Shulchan Aruch. A goy cannot be motzi others with Havdalah.

    1. See Igros Moshe O:C Vol. 1 Siman 23, Vol. 2 Siman 51 that one who is a “baal aveira” and mechalel Shabbos may be joined for a minyan and called to the Torah as well as other devarim shebekedusha.
      In addition, most poskim consider mechalalei Shabbos in our times a tinok shenishbe and hence they don’t have the status of a no Jew at all [Rav Moshe’s heter is even if they do have the status of a non Jew]
      See Sefer Bina Vadass pg. 48 who reaches the same conclusion

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