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Lighting Shamash on Disposable Menorah

For chanukah I bought those disposable oil filled glasses for my menorah when I light the glasses can I light them with a candle and if I do light them with a candle what happens to the shamesh do I light the shamesh first then continue lighting the rest of the candles and then what do I do with the lit candle can I blow it out and save it for the next day I’m just a little confused on how to light these disposable oil glasses because of the shamesh please let me know what to do


This case would be no different then the standard oil menorah which is lit by means of a candle. Widespread custom is to make the brachos, light the menorah itself, and afterwards light the shamash, this would apply in your case as well. The candle may be put out and reused the next days.

There are those who follow the custom mentioned in the Rama not to light an additional oil light for the shamash, but rather to place the candle used for lighting in the place of the shamash and allow it to burn out, using a new one each day.


Rama O:C 473:2

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