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Bloody Residue and Brachos

I am at work in Brooklyn. (I live in New Jersey, an hour and a half drive away.) I just went to the bathroom and I was trying to clean myself but no matter how much I try I do not have a goof naki. It is mostly blood residue from the skin of the pi tabaas that is sore (not usual for me) and I don’t think it is tzoeh. I remember learning the Mishna Brura on this and it having two girsaos. One said “Ayn lo tekana,” and the other girsa was, “Ayn tzarich tekana.” Right now I have a tissue in place as a moich so it won’t be uncomfortable and itch. #1, can I make “Asher Yatzar” or any other brachos? #2, I am hungry. Am I allowed to eat if I am not allowed to make a bracha?


When it is only blood coming from sore skin there is no problem for davening, brachos and other dvarim shebkdusha.


Mishna Brura 76:16, whose conclusion is that when there is only blood from the skin or hemmeroids there is no issue with brachos and tefilla.

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