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Using and Returning Purchases

A man buys battery case for his phone. He keeps it for 2 weeks and uses it once or twice. Then a better version comes out from another company. Is it ethical to return the case and then buy the better one from the other company?


The first question we need to clarify is what is the return policy, do they allow for return of used product. If not, returning it would be dishonest and forbidden. If it is permissible within the return policy one would be permitted to return the case. Whether or not this is ethical would depend on the specifics of the case. Will the return cause them a somewhat significant loss or are they doing enough business to make this negligible. Is this known to be common practice to return items in such a fashion. If it is a small amount and commonly done, presumably they are aware of it and choose to allow for this legal loophole. Perhaps the ability to return and keep customers happy brings them more and more loyal customers in the long run.

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