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Research on Women’s Body

Is it permissible for a man who is a doctor doing research to see a woman’s private area, as that is the area of study to help women with incontinence.
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It is accepted practice for a women to use a male doctor when necessary, even for sensitive area such as OB/GYN. Because he is doing his job in a professional capacity, we assume the touch and sight of her has no connotation of affection or intimacy in any way, and there is no concern that this practice will lead to anything of that sort.

Our case may be comparable to the above leniency assuming a number of conditions are met: the research is being done in an official medical capacity, in a hospital/doctor’s office, to patients suffering from this problem who are in need of a cure. That this is really necessary for the research, i.e. that even a synthetic model and or pictures and other medical literature will not suffice.

Even if the above criteria are met, and this would seem to have the status of a doctor’s visit, due to the sensitivity of this issue, it may be wise to have specific Rabbinic approval from someone who knows the specifics of the research and the doctor involved from up close.


See Shach at the end of Y:D Siman 195, with regards to doctor’s visits from the opposite gender.


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  1. What if the research is using healthy females in order to assist in understanding the problems that others have with incontinence, is it still ok for the medical doctor to see the private area of the body

    1. do to the sensitivity of this issue, i would recommend speaking with a rav who can see all the details of the program and the people involved to make this desicion

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