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Bracha on Thunder and Lightning

Kavod Harav,

My friend told me that one can only make the bracha over lightning, when one sees the actual bolt of lightning, and not the merely the flash. Is this true?

I also heard that if the lighting and thunder come in quick succession, then one only recites one bracha, for ashkenazim. Is this true? Is it only for ashkenazim?

If in fact this is not true, and the flash is sufficient, I am posed with the following problem: Often times I see a lightning flash, but I’m not sure if in fact it was from lightning or from another source. Usually, I wait to hear the thunder, make a blessing on the thunder, and then the next flash I see, I make a blessing on, as I am more sure that the flash is from lightning. Would this be the correct thing to do?

Thanks to the Rav.


The Bracha may be made on the flash alone.

In quick succession one bracha is made, by ashkenazim and sefardim as well.

Yes, this is correct.


Minchas Shlomo 2:4:34

Shulchan Aruch 227:1, Mishna Brura s”k 5.

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