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Dairy Pasta and Meat Strainer

I have 2 questions–thank you very much.

1. I cooked dairy pasta in a brand new pot, then poured the pasta with the hot cooking water into a meat strainer which was non ben-yomo. The strainer was sitting on a dairy sink rack in the sink. Can you tell me what the status of the food, strainer and rack are? I’m sephardic.

2. Also, I cooked parve pasta in a dairy pot. I’m not sure but I think it was non ben-yomo. My friend came over and heated up this pasta in a meat pan with meat sauce. My friend is ashkenazi and I’m sephardic. Can you tell me what the status of the food and the meat pan are?

Thank you very much.


1   The food is fine, the strainer needs to be kashered [hagala] to use again for meat. The rack is fine.

2   Once it was done, the food is permitted and the pan remains meaty.


sorry for delay, best wishes

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