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Failed Sweepstakes

Hi. I posted online a sweepstakes for my store-anyone who likes me online gets a chance to win. I only had 3 entries of close friends -it was a real flop. Do I still have to make the lottery,ad it will be a total loss for me as I did not get any publicity.


If there was no set date for the lottery, we can assume that everyone understands the lottery is only when a profitable amount of sign ups has been made. Hence, if that day never comes the lottery does not have to be drawn. This is assuming as it sounds from the question that no one spent money signing up for this lottery.

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  1. There was a set date but there was no money needed-you just had to “like” my social media page. The 4 friends who “liked me” don’t care or remember the offer and would understand that the offer was based on my reviewing publicity for my store. The question is that if it is stealing according to the Torah I will go thru with it, even though it is a total loss.

    1. you are not obligated to make the sweepstakes

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