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Firearms and Self Defense for Women

Thank you for your timely response about firearms.

Could you please provide some halachic sourcessources regarding women legally carrying or getting trained in firearms for self – defense during a home invasion or when walking in the street (Chas V’sholom).

Besides firearms, there is also the potential for a woman to learn self – defense, how to avoid being a “mark” as a target, how to flee, etc.

There is this unfortunate situation in Eretz Yisroel, and now in the Diaspora (due to increased crime/lawlessness; and jihad) of the potential for the person, neighbors, or the passersby being attacked. The woman could defend herself or others.

Whereas, women have the role of nurturers, perhaps defending others is in this “nurturing”, protective role.

Unfortunately, one cannot relegate the responsibility to just males who might be present or able to defend when the incident occurs (Chas V’sholom).


See Igros MOshe O:C Vol 4 75:3, who explains that when necessary for security, and the norm there is no prohibition for a women to carry firearms.

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