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Stroller Warranty Mistake


2 years ago we bought a stroller, it was an expensive stroller and even though it was hard we decided to buy it. the company didn’t change the design for 6 years but the 4 months after we bought it they came up with completely better and more improved design.
we have lots of problem with it but because of the warranty they keep sending up the part of the older model.
on one of the call by mistake i mentioned that our stroller is the newer model and they send us one of the part of the new model?
Can i take the part or do i have to call them and tell them they send me the newer part not the old design?


If it was a mistake on your part and theirs, i.e. they could have verified further which model you had, once you received the newer model you would not have to return it.


See Pischei Choshen, Gneiva, Chapter 1, pg. 9 for extensive sources on this topic.

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  1. If a warranty it’s about to expire can you complain for some problem that it’s not there but might happen in future to get a new part, since it’s not a Jewish company

    1. no on may not intentionally deceive a non Jewish company

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