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Distribution of Maaser Funds

If I receive a large amount of money as a family gift, do I have to give maaser of all of it within the first year of receiving it or can I disburse the maser funds slowly to the charities of my choice? Thanks!


The Noda Beyehuda [Y:D Tenyana 198] brought in Pischei Tshuva 259:1 rules that one must make a maaser accountng at least once a year. Rav Sheinberg z”l ruled that this means the money must also be distributed within this time frame.

Shulchan Aruch Y:D 257:3, seems to indicate otherwise, that the money may be separated and distributed over time. Perhaps this is sufficient for Tzedaka but not necessarily a fulfillment of maaser ksafim [Tzedaka is the basic Biblical obligation to give charity, Maaser is the custom to give this amount specifically].

Ideally one should distribute within the year, if this is difficult and the money will be better distributed over time, one may be lenient.

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