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Parve Soup and Milchig Onions

We have a milchig pot in which we made a soup that contained onions cut with a milchig knife and fried in a milchig pan (the soup was pureed). We then accidentally used a flieshig ladle to move the soup to clean plastic containers which had been previously used for fleishigs. If possible, please let us know: 1-what is the status of the soup. 2-what is the status of the pot. 3-what is the status of the ladle. 4-what is the status of the plastic containers.


Assuming the ladle was not used for hot fleishig within 24 hours before touching the soup: the soup, pot, and containers would be fine. The ladle may require hagala. If the soup was hot when the ladle was immersed in it and the onions are more than one sixtieth of the soup, the ladle should be kashered before using with meat again.

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