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Hagomel on Kidney Donation

I have I donated a kidney I did not Bentsk Gomil yet. My question if you say Hagomel on such surgery because I put myself into the situation and if yes from when until when because I still feel a little bit. I figured I should wait until my six month follow up.


You would say Birchat Hagomel for this amazing mitzvah you performed. Hagomel is said once the danger has passed and not when you are 100 percent healed. Ideally one who has mostly healed should not wait a long period from making the bracha. Presumably after a few weeks you would probably be mainly healed from such an operation, and at that point should make this bracha.

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  1. Thank You Very much.I saw in the Piske Teshuvath that he brings from The Klausenberger Rav Z”l that the Zanzer Rav the Divrie Chaim said that you don’t make Hagomel until completely healed.

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