For a man, is it possible to tovel one’s self in the Mikvah while wearing a swimsuit? Is it considered a Chatzitza?


As long as it is loose fitting enough and not tied tightly at the waist, so that water can freely reach every part of the body, there is no problem of a chatzitza.


SHulchan Aruch Y:D 198:46.

See ibid 198:1, that for women’s tevila additional stringency applies and a woman may not generally be tovel with even loose clothes. In a unique case of need a halachic authority should be consulted.

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2 Responses to “Tevila in Swimsuit”

  1. I have a bet din case for converts in Madagascar that only have a lake to use for immersion and no protection for Tsniut.
    Can they use a loose fitting garment???

    • No, enjoy your visit to Quebec.

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