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Teacher Damaged School Property

I am a teacher, and at school I borrowed a DVD player from the technology center for a class I was giving. It was not clear which way the dvd was to be inserted into the machine, and there were no instructions in the box. I asked another teacher standing next to me which way the dvd gets inserted into the machine, and he didn’t know either. So I put the DVD in, and I was wrong on the way to put it in, and the DVD got stuck in the machine and broke it. The school now needs to buy a new machine. Am I chayav to pay for the new machine?


While the teacher is technically responsible to pay, it would proper for the institution to not demand pay and sustain the loss.


Shulchan Aruch Harav, Sheila Vsechirus 19

Shu”t Chavos Yair 169




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