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Yemenite Netilat Yadayim

Hello I have a Yemenite friend who says netillat yadaim blessing and then washes. Where r the sources for this and what is the halachic standing


This is the opinion of the Rambam. Yemenite tradition follows the rulings of the Rambam over Shulchan Aruch.


Rambam Brachos 11:3, Tefillin 4:7, see also Tshuvot Rav Avraham Ben Harambam pg. 122 [Fryman edition]

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  1. Rambam: Miqwot 11
    If one don’t have any intention (Cavanah) he didn’t make any Miswah. Cavanah must be before the Miswah of N’tilat-Yadayim. That’s why brahah is made before washing. (Rambam: Miqwot 11:12).
    Head-Tefillin is separate Miswah. One must say brahah (Cavanah) before placing Tefillin on one’s head.

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