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Interpreting Dreams

Yireh learned from a dream can be scary. What should a jew do if his dreams are funny, scary and seem to indicate something about his relationships? I find it keeps me wondering about G-ds plan for my life and I have delayed some acquaintances because I feel the experience is not ready in my life. Does a jew try to make sense of his dreams and if there is comedy, is G-d commisserating with his condition? Ultimately, cinch to interpret now, but hard to know if they are hope disguised as a touch from above. Curious years for me.


In our day and age it is hard to definitively draw any conclusions from dreams. We generally assume as the Talmud in the last Chapter of Tractate Brachos tells us, that we dream about things that were on our mind throughout the day. This along with the natural addition of imagination especially in our modern world when we are exposed to so much information, media etc., leave us with little to learn or be concerned with from our dreams. A person who has a particularly disturbing dream may perform “hatavas chalom” a supplication found in the standard siddur, said in front of 3 people and intended to “heal” one’s dreams and remove their negative effect.

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