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Mechanic Work on Shabbos

Hi. I was learning Mishna Brura, Hilchos Shabbos רמז סעיף א today about giving an ano Yehudi a letter to deliver and the concerns about him delivering/carrying on shabbos. The Mishna Berura in ס”ק ד says that you may not tell him that you need it delivered on Sunday if it would be “impossible” for him to do it without having to travel on Shabbos.

This is my question based on the case presented. If I give my car to the mechanic on Friday afternoon, can I tell him I need the car Monday morning to get to work if I know he will not work on Sunday? Do we say that technically it is not impossible for him to work on Sunday and it is adaitai d’nafshei that he chooses to do the work on Saturday, or does the reality that I know that he will not work on Sunday make it considered “impossible” for him to complete the job on time. Also, can I factor in that perhaps he can do theoretically do the work on Motzei Shabbos on a short Shabbos in the winter? Thanks.


As long as it is possible for him to do the work, his choice to do so on Shabbos is his decision and considered for his own benefit.

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