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Yichud with Brother in Law

Can my brother in law be in the house with me during the day or does the door have to be left open?
Additionally at night when my 9 year old son and 8 year old daughter are home what would be the halacha of having him in the house when my husband is out. May I lock the door?
Many thanks


The door must be left open when you are alone with brother in law.

At night your 2 children would provide shemira to prevent a yichud problem. However, you must also determine that the situation does not violate the guidelines of tznius. So if this is a one time thing that may be ok, but on a regular basis it would seem questionable if such a situation is proper behavior.

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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply- does bala beir not allow him to be in the house with me during the day?

    1. no, with a brother in law this heter does not apply, as there is already a friendly relationship with him

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