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Loan Honesty

1) Is there any justification in somebody over-exaggerating (outright lying) his/her income whilst applying for account/loan/mortgage/credit card?

2) Let say a bochur receives £100 pounds monthly from his parents for his basics, £150 monthly for dira rent, £600 monthly for yeshiva fees, can he say his income is £850?

3) Somebody calls up a company to apply for an account/loan/mortgage/credit card and says truthfully his income and it is too low, and the sales person says “I’ll just write that it’s £60,000”, am I allowed to let her do that?

4) If I know that a company always does like the sales person in question 3, then can I lie lechatchila about my income, if the sales person would do it anyway, or since the company has signed the “Lending Code” ( and shouldn’t be offering it to you, and can be sued and fined for doing so, is it therefore ossur?

Might all these cases be ossur because of dina dmalchusa dina?


  1. No, lying would be prohibited and some form of theft to dishonestly obtain a loan.
  2. Yes, if this is in fact his set,steady in come.
  3. 4.  If the employee of the institution does so on their own, you may not need to stop them, but you should not offer dishonest information on your own.

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