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Washing Kiddush Cup on Shabbos

I have a Hilchos Shabbos Shailoh.

Shabbos Morning after Kiddush, my hands and my Becher are wet from Grape Juice that I had just made Kiddush on.
I then stand up and walk to my sink with the Becher in my hand.
At this time I will rinse off my hands from Grape Juice so it will not be a Chatzitza when I wash for Challah.
The Shailah is, is it permitted to wash out my Becher (before I put it down on the counter) at the same time I rinse off my hands, or does this constitute Hachana being that I will not be using the Becher again until Havdalah.


As long as it is at all possible you may drink from it on Shabbos [for any drink], this would be permitted.


Shulchan Aruch 323:6 rules that drinking vessels may be washed the whole day, as drinking is common the whole day. The Mishna Brura [29] notes that if it is absolutely clear one will not be drinking the cup may not be washed.

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