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Hamotzi for Dessert

Just like the suggested halachah is to have in mind when making hamotzi to exempt any cake. Can one also and is it suggested to have in mind when making Hamotzi to cover sweets and candies forsure not coverd by Hamotzi.


No, this only works for mezonos which may not be covered automatically by being in a meal [such as cake], so one can have in mind that his hamotzi should cover the cake, as in any event hamotzi made on cake is a valid bracha [bdieved]. However, Hamotzi does not cover candies even bdieved, and having in mind for them with Hamotzu will not help.


Biur Halacha 168:8, Nishmas Adam 58:1, Shu”t Panim Meiros 1:58

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