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Meaty Eggs and Potatoes

kavod Harav,

On Shabbat, there is a pot with meaty chamin (beef or lamb). Beneath the lid, is a metal insert with several small holes to allow in steam. The rack does not have contact with the chamin. On top of this rack, are whole eggs and potatoes. If I eat the egg or potato, must I wait 6 hours before eating dairy? Is there a difference between the egg which is covered by the shell, and the potato? Thanks to the Rav.


Being that the egg and potato are not actually cooked with the meat, but only absorb the “zeiah” [steam] arising from the pot, you would not have to wait 6 hours after eating these items. Eggs actually cooked inside chamin would require waiting 6 hours, even though they have a shell.


Kaf Hacaim Y:D 89:54, Shu”t Shevet Hakehasi 1:217

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