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Business Before Holiday of Non Jews

Dear Rabbi

I always want to do the right thing and I want to ask a shaila about having my hair done in honor of Shabbat on Friday. I was doing this until I learned of Halacha regarding doing business with non Jews within three days of their holiday.
I know some kind of one for them so now I have been letting the stylist do my hair on Wednesday.
In regards to this Halacha, I’m referring to The mishnah in Avodah Zarah (1:1) specifies that we should not do business with
non-Jews for “three days before their religious holidays.”
So should I continue to go on Wednesday instead of Friday so that I can do the right thing, I want to be stringent on this matter.
Thank you Rabbi for your kindness and help


There is no problem with having your hair done on Friday. Sunday is not considered a holiday, rather a day that is used for prayer etc.. In addition, in our days when the non Jews are not idol worshipers, one may do business with them before their holiday.

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