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Tachnun on 7 Adar

What is the basis/source for the minhag not to say tachanun on 7 Adar? Is there any difference between Adar I and II?

Thank you!


Most communities recite Tachanun on 7 Adar. There are some kehillos that don’t say. This includes Belz Chassidim. As with many questions of Tachanun, there is no explicit source for this custom, rather a tradition handed down in that kehilla.

This applies to both Adar 1 and 2.

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  1. One may think that Adar 7 bizchus Moshe rabbeinu a”h we should say tachnun.
    After all, it is bzchus Moshe rabbeinu a”h we have the ability for teshuva with shlosh esrei middos!

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