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OCD an Bathroom Hygiene

Dear Rabbi

Is there a halacha that says that when cleaning your body after using the toilet, that the most important area to clean is the precise location where the feces comes out? I am asking because sometimes I worry about if the feces traveled to neighboring areas during the course of wiping. If I could just focus upon one small area, it would help me with my OCD.

Also, do I need to be worried about small drops of urine that fall on my body sometimes? Is there a chiyuv to clean it off, even though it is only a single drop?


Feces found even in surrounding ares need to be cleaned as well. However there is no reason to suspect that there is any feces aside from the immediate surrounding area and not more than that.

If the drop is still there it would need to be cleaned before davening or brachos. However if it is already dried up, there is no concern.

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  1. What if you suspect there is feces that may have landed somewhere else, like tiny pieces of toilet paper come off the paper and fall onto your body, or if the toilet paper touched your leg or part of your pants during the course of wiping. Do you need to physically see the fecal matter visibly there or are you ok to pray as long as your eye cannot actually see it even if you suspect you may have touched the toilet paper to another area?

    I also wonder the same thing about if someone perhaps touched the bathroom counter before cleaning their hands (it must happen over the course of time) – is this anything to be concerned about or again, do you need to physically see it on there? This has caused me a lot of anxiety and uncertainty so your insight would be extremely helpful.

    1. All the examples that you are giving are not any cause for concern. we do not have to be worried about microscopic fecal matter, nr do we have to be concerned, that it went from one place to another. I hope this allays your fears.

      1. Based on your response, I suppose one thing I am unclear about or want to confirm is: even if it’s visibly on toilet paper, are you saying that if the dirty toilet paper touches another item or body part it still doesn’t spread or “dirty” that area unless you can physically see it on the new location?

        1. Yes, unless we see something, or know clearly, we will ssume innocent until proven guilty. especially when dealing with an issue that is related to ocd.

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