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Used Hi-Chair Tray

Hi I have purchased a used high chair online for my baby, the tray is made of plastic, may I put food directly on the tray what is the Halacha?
(This product shipped from Brooklyn and I know a lot of local jewish stores sell it(the pictures look like it was taken in a jewish home)but I am unsure)


If you could clarify that would be ideal. Even if it was from a kosher home, you would still not know if it was used for hot milchig or fleishig.

Putting food on the tray which is not very hot [yad soledes] would be ok, as this would not cause a transfer of flavor from the tray. Even hot foods would not be compromised as after 24 hours from usage the flavor in the tray is considered inedible.

Generally a vessel used for non kosher needs to kashered before use [with hot foods]. This could be done by immersing the tray in a pot of boiling water. This may be done piecemeal, just the water should be reboiled before each immersion [each immersion slightly cools it]. If it is difficult to immerse [or parts of it], you can rely on pouring boiling water on that spot, as in this case there are other doubts as to whether the tray needs kashering at all.

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