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Mixed Seating Party

Can an observant Jew go to dinner party in a public place where there are men and women mixed, i.e. no mechitzah?


This would depend on the nature of the party. If the women are modestly dressed and it does not include immodest behavior – drinking, dancing, women singing etc., rather it is a family atmosphere [of couples and families] or the like, this would be permitted.

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  1. Thank you very much for your answer. However if I present this answer I’m going to need some sources to back up your psak. Because from the lashon on Shulchan Aruch in siman 529 and Mishnah Berura there they don’t seem to make the distinctions you’re making. From those sources it seems any public gathering of men and women is forbidden. Igros Moshe is another example. So where’s the source please to be lenient?

    1. Igros Moshe in fact rules that in a place which is not a shul separation is not required, such as at a wedding, see Igros Moshe O:C vol 1 siman 41, Y:D vol 4 siman 24:3.

      The lenient opinion is based on the Levush [contemporary of the Rama], who writes at the end of his sefer Levush Hachur, Minhagim 36, that in our times we find people are lenient to have mixed seating at Sheva Brachos and still say “shehasimcha bemeono” which seem sto contradict a ruling of the Sefer Chasssidim. He explains that in out times we are more accustomed to interacting with the other gender and so this does not lead to sin.
      This custom is mentioned by the Bach and Bais Shmuel in Even Haezer Siman 62.
      See also Shu”t Sridei Aish 2-8 who rules leniently. See also Shu”t Chasam Sofer E:H 47.

  2. Thank you very much for clarifying all this. Kol tov.

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