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Conservative Services

What is the halacha regarding attending a bar mitzva of a relative(actual services, shachris laining etc..)at a conservative shul? What are the sources? Thank you


The halachic angle of this shaila, is that one can not join in their tefilla and does not fulfill any tefilla betzibbur or krias haTorah in such a service. They are not fit for making a minyan as they are “mechalelei Shabbos befarhesia”. In addition one may not daven in a place with no mechitza. This is aside from the fact that they alter and change the davening, also giving roles to women which they can not fulfill according to halacha. Their Sifrei Torah are assumed to be pasul. Joining in their services is Chilul Hashem and also encourages and validates their heresy, which is forbidden, “mesayeya lovrei aveirah.

That being said, there are instances when a person may be given a psak to enter such a place. Not to daven with them and be yotzei tefilla or laining. But rather because of a family obligation, to keep the peace in the family. This in of itself is often important and in addition often has ramifications of kiruv rechokim. Often maintaining a pleasant relationship, is a kiddush Hashem, and paints Torah Jewry in a positive light.

However, one who is a public figure has a more severe issue of his presence providing validity to their nonsense. So is important in this type of situation which is often a “grey area” to seek advice of experienced Rabbinic council.

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