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Antibacterial Gel on Shabbos

Kvod HaRav,
Is it permitted on Shabbos to wash hands with antibacterial gel – the type that dries quickly?
Thank you,



This product is generally very liquid, similar to liquid soap. It is pourable and has no form, hence the prohibition of Memareach does not apply.

See Maamar Mordechai (303:10) and Shut Zera Emes (Yoreh De’ah 89), Mishnah Berurah (303:81) writes similarly. Shut Yabia Omer (Vol. 4, Orach Chaim 28). However with a liquidy substance all would agree it is permitted.

See also Shemiras Shabbos Chap. 14, nos. 48, 50. cg. Igros Moshe O:C 1:112,113 with regards to liquid soap and toothpaste on Shabbos.

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  1. Theoretically, it would depend on the level of viscosity of the product. Some of the antibacterial gels that I have seen, have a consistency like toothpaste, and don’t pour out of the bottle like liquid soap. That’s why they’re called “gels” and not “liquid”!

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