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Avel on Purim

An aveil in the year for a mother:
1. Does SHE (my spouse) send SHOLEACH MANOS/
3. Can she purchase ready made meshaloach manos from a tzedaka to send?
Can SHE go to the Bar Mitzvah seudah fo her (our) grandson where there will most likely be music? (possibility of her leaving when music starts is out of question since she has not means of and wishes not to go home alone-need other option)?


1,2   Yes, an avel can and should send Mishloach Manos.

3   She may attend the Bar Mitzvah normally, but should not participate in the dancing.


Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 391:10, See Zera Emes 3:168, Shu”t Teshuva Meahava 2:412

See Rama Y:D 391:2, CHochmas Adam 166:2, Pischei Tshuva ibid, s”k 5.

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