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Runny Chip Cookies on Shabbos

There is a kind of cookie called a runny chip, which has chocolate a solid chocolate filling in the center that melts when you heat it up. It is generally served warm with the ice cream on top. My question is whether warming this cookie on the blech on Shabbos would be considered nolad since the chocolate in the inside of the cookie will melt. If it would be considered a question of nolad, would it be okay to warm it up slightly just so it is a little warm while trying not to leave it on the blech long enough to melt the chocolate in the middle? Also, what about the ice cream? While it does melt a little, it is intended to be eaten quickly before the heat of the cookie melts it. However, inevitably some of the ice cream does liquefy at the point of contact with the warm cookie. Is this an issue of nolad?


Causing the chocolate to melt would be a problem of nolad. Heating slightly would be ok. There is however a different issue with placing something directly on the blech. According to most opinions this is a prohibited form of Chazara. This could be solved by placing the cookies on a flipped over tin that is sitting on the blech, known as “hefsek kedairah”.

Ice cream may be placed alongside the cake as one’s intent is to serve them together and not melt the ice cream.


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  1. Of course I meant to put it on a hefsek kedairah when I said put it on the blech. One thing I did not point out about the nature of the cookie is that the chocolate that melts is on the inside of the cookie and is not nikar as it is melting since it is covered by the dough on all sides. In light of this information, wouldn’t it be the same thing as putting an ice cube in a drink rather than the drink over the ice, in which it is permissible since the ice is not seen melting in that fashion?

    1. with ice melting into water, the melted ice becomes mixed and one with the other water, the melted chocolate remains separate and noticeable, it is just covered by the cake until one bites into it at which point the nolad will be clearly recognizable, see mishan brura 318:105

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