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French’s Crispy Fries Onions

I prepared chicken cutlets with French’s crispy fried onions by baking it in the oven at 350 degrees for about a half hour last week. I recently noticed that someone posted on Facebook that this product (FRENCH’S crispy fried onions) is made in dairy equipment. THey posted it on a site where people exchange recipes and want ideas for how to make chicken cutlets, so when another individual suggested using this, someone else wrote to be careful, it’s made in dairy equipment. Do I need to kasher my fleishige oven in which this chicken was prepared? Is it necessary to self-clean it or kasher it before baking chicken in it tonight? Secondly, just out of curiosity, can a product which bears an OU be made in milchig keilim and not bear an OU DE?


A product marked as OU may be assumed to be parve and treated as such. If someone raised something that seems to be an issue of concern, you should contact the OU for clarification.

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