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Missed Word in Megila

The M.B says that if one missed a word of the megilah he can be yotzeh bedevied by reading from a chumash. What does bedevied mean in this case?
1. One should hear the meggilah again but if one didn”t he is yotzeh bedevied (since bedevied means after the fact).
2. If after the fact he missed a word he can read from a chumash.

Does the same interperation of bedevied when the M.B says one is yotzeh bedieved by the ten sens of human and when one didn”t have in mind explicty to be yotzeh the meggilah.


If one missed a word and only has a chumash in front of him he may catch up and be yotzei. He does not need to hear megillah again. This situation is already bdieved and he has been yotzei his chiyuv. The same is true with the ten sons of Haman.

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