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Yortzeit on Shabbos

A person has a Yahrzeit on Shabbos. He is capable for Maftir and to Daven for the Amud. The Shul has already offered and he has had Maftir and the Amud at other times. If he is the one person with a Yahrzeit on the day of Shabbos while others have Yahrzeit in the coming week, is there reason to give MAftir or the Amud to others? Is there an issue of priority and rules to be followed? What is the reason for having the Amud? Is there any priority for Psukei Dezimra, Shacharis or Musaf? Please advise since the Shabbos is next week. 9 Adar Bet.


When the Yortzeit falls on Shabbos, you should try to receive Maftir and the Amud for Musaf on the Shabbos before the Yortzeit. On the Shabbos of the Yortzeit you should daven for the Amud for all tefillos, as with any Yortzeit. If possible you should try to receive an aliyah this Shabbos as well, but if only one is possible the previous Shabbos takes precedence.

It would follow that one who has Yortzeit in the coming week should receive Maftir over one who has Yortzeit on that day.

The reason for the Amud is to say more Kadishim, and the merit of saying more brachos and tefillos as well.


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