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I have non Jewish Co-Worker who often asks for a donation for her church, to the point where it makes me uncomfortable to say no. I see her every day. Is it permissible to give a small donation? Thank you.


No, it is forbidden to donate money to a Church. If this is causing animosity, perhaps you could buy her a coffee or some other nice gesture to maintain peaceful relations.


Shiltei Giborim,first chapter of Avoda Zara

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  1. Thank you for the reply.
    Being that there is no actual idol in a church, the money will not be used to make an avoda zara, and not to beautify or serve it, what exactly is the issur here? Agreed, if not for darkei shalom, this would be a davar mechuar, but otherwise what exactly is the issur? There is a tosfot on the first page of avoda zara that allows one to buy from them b/c the money just goes to support the priests and does not go to any avoda zara. Why would this be different?

    1. point well taken
      while there is no idol in the traditional sense, for a Jew the practice of christianity is considered idol worship, for non jews this is a matter of debate. so the question is giving money to something that as far as we are concerned is avoda zara
      see teshuvos melamed lehoyil y:d 148:2 who prohibits donating to building a church, but leaves open the possibility of donating for other needs they have, see also teshuvos shemesh umagen [mashash] 3:30 who also rules leniently even more so than melamed lehoyil
      so in fact if this were a true need for shalom and the collection was nit for a building campaign, there would in fact be room for leniency

  2. What about donating to a Christian Church by placing an advertisement for my business in its fundraising journal. My donation is the cost of the advertisement and I what my clients/customers who are members of the church to see my advertisement? Is this permissible?

    1. Why is this way of supporting a church and donating to Avodah Zara, differant than any other form of supporting Avoda Zara?

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