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Netilat Yadayim Questions

Greetings Rabbi, I have a lot of questions regarding Hand Washing and Eating and I hope that you can answer them. Thank you.
Washing (Netilat Yadayim)
If I enter a non-kosher supermarket or kitchen do I have to wash with the three times method? No
When going to the bathroom can I wash directly from the faucet with soap or do I need to wash three times? You may wash from the faucet, however some are stringent to wash three times
Also, before washing (Netilat Yadayim) do I have to wash with soap? Dirt should be removed, not necessarily with soap
Before eating a meal that does not contain bread does one have to wash one’s hands? No
And after eating a meal other than bread is washing needed? No
It is said that one has to wash after touching covered parts of one’s body, my question is if I scratch my back with my shirt on, do I have to wash?  No, as long as you don’t actually touch your body [skin]
Rabbi, I understand that there are Mezonot foods that when eaten in a full meal become Hamotzi. My question is if I eat a bowl of cereal (Cheerios) which is Mezonot do I have to pray Birkat Amazon after eating? No, as this is lacking in bread like nature
If I eat an apple pie as a dessert do I have to pray Birkat Hamazon after eating? No, assuming it was not a bread meal

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