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Scammed on Real Estate Deal

Hi Shulem Alycham I bought a deal in real estate based on the income the owner gave me his privet mortgage and signed a sthar heter eska after 6 mounts we see that the deal was only a scam the owner put in not real tenants just to be able to shoe tenants in the premises the owner is paying rents with his check now the hole thing is a lie is there any way to go to court with the sthar heter eska to revoke the deal ? please help me Thanks A giten Shabbas and A giten chodash Kul Tiv


You should bring a claim against him in Bais Din. If he refuses to come or listen to their ruling, Bais Din will give you permission to take the matter to court.

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  1. Thanks for getting beck so fast thay are not shomro torha thay don’t keep shabbas thay wouldn’t come thanks

    1. you should still get formal permission from a Bais Din to go to court

  2. Do you feel that this there is grounds here for a claim of “mekach ta’us?

    1. if in fact the whole deal was a dishonest scam it may certainly not be binding at all, this could be determined by a bais din

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