Greetings Rabbi
Could you please enumerate the times when the three-time method for hand washing is needed? 3 times is only needed in the morning upon waking before praying and when leaving a cemetery, see Mishna Brura 4:39
Before praying is the three-time method needed? Upon waking before morning prayers
If one touches a bug does one require to wash with the three-time method? No, just wash with some water, Shulchan Aruch O:C 4:18
When one washes after going to the bathroom and if one washes with soap without a kli does one have to alternate hands? No
If I dry my hands and there are remains of fluff from the towel can I proceed to wash my hands (before eating Bread) or do I have to
remove them? It should be removed
Is it allowed to perform Netilat Yadayim with wet hands? Yes
If after eating bread I have to go to the bathroom do I have to perform Mayim Ahcronim? Yes, some rely on the washing from the bathroom
Are ear wax and snot covered parts? What if I touch my earphone do I have to wash my hands? Yes; earphone only if dirty
Thank you for answering and best regards.

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  1. Regarding washing with wet hands – it is better to dry them first.

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