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Netilat Yadayim 4

What does it mean to remove dirt from one’s hands before washing for (Bread or after waking up)? For example: before washing for bread I wash my hands with soap, then I dry them, however sometimes fluff from the towel remains in my hands. My question is can I proceed to wash given that I remove most of it? Sometimes it is very hard because small pieces remain and I am worried that the washing would not count. If the fluff bothers you and you want it off it needs to be removed before washing, if it is a tiny negligible amount that you ignore it may be left.
When does one have to wash hands (If you please can enumerate them and tell if they need the one-time method or the 3 times method)? 3 times is for before prayer in the morning, upon waking, after being in cemetery, after cutting nails, some are stringent after marital relations as well, other than that only washing is needed not htree times see Shulchan Aruch O:C Siman 4:18
If for example there is a dead animal and I walk nearby, does it mean that I have to wash hands with the 3 times method? No
When touching sweat does one have to wash? For example sweat on one’s forehead. Yes, but not sweat of the face.
After marital relations some conclude that one has to wash 3 times is that the case? Some are stringent, many are lenient.
If I forget to wash hands and touch any object does it become tame (impure)? Only if touched food without washing upon waking in morning, the food should be washed off 3 times if possible [it won’t ruin the food]
How does one get tumah? the things above which require 3 times bring a certain level of tumah which needs to be removed
Does one have to wash hands before studying Torah or Judaism? No, unless your hands were soiled by one of the above or other dirt, in which case wiping clean is enough, washing is not necessary for learning
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  1. Is one required to wash netilas yadaim, when waking in the middle of the night/very early morning, prior to having relations?

    1. This is what should be done,especially if they already slept for a while, and especially if it as after alos hashachar.

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