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Oven Mistake

I live in an apartment with four other young women. We use our oven only for fleishigs or pareve.

One night, I heated up my chicken in the oven and soon after, I roasted carrots in a non-disposable pan. I don’t think I’ve ever used that pan for fleishigs, but often use it in the fleishig oven.

My new roommate came home later that night and told us that she didn’t realize our oven was only to be used for fleishigs. The night before, she ‘burned out’ the oven at 500 degrees and then used it for milchigs. She didn’t burn it out after she was done.

(Unfortunately I had already eaten the chicken. I threw out the carrots. After that night, we self-cleaned the oven and continued to use it for fleishigs.)

My questions are:
1) Does ‘burning out’ the oven at 500 degrees for a certain amount of time or self-cleaning it work as a solution to ‘transform’ the oven from fleishig to pareve?

2) What is the status of my non-disposable pan?

Thank you!


  1. Self cleaning certainly makes an oven pareve. Burning out works as well, some are stringent to use that method only after waiting 24 hours from last usage.
  2. Your non disposable pan remains pareve.

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