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Removing Candelabra from Table Shabbos Morning

Is it possible to enable to take the leichter off the table shabbos morning


The leichter that were lit at the onset of Shabbos become a bosis, a form of muktzah due to holding up the candles and flame. This status remains for the duration of Shabbos even after the flame has gone out. So the candelabra themselves can not be moved.

However, you can place them on a tray, and on that same tray place a non muktzeh item which you will use during the duration of Shabbos, i.e. a siddur, challah, jewelry etc.. The non muktzeh needs to remain there from Friday night sunset until nightfall. Then the candles may be moved to clear up space on the table by carrying them via the tray. This is because the bosis status comes only during that twilight period, after that the tray itself does not become a bosis.

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  1. Doesn’t the object on the tray need to be of greater value than the candelabra in order to permit moving the tray?

    1. many poskim including igros moshe and rav shlomo zalman auerbach ruled that even if is of lesser value but it is a movable item, needed for shabbos use, this is sufficient to stop the tray from becoming a bosis.

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