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Statues and Figurines

Is there an issue of having a statue, for example having statues with no religious significance (i.e. the wall st. bull) on one’s desk or at home. Likewise, is there issue with having statues given as gifts of greek or egyptian figures/and diety?


Many are lenient to retain in their possession small statues and figurines. While there are those that are stringent to require some destruction of the figure, there is valid basis for the lenient opinion. With figures of a deity there is more reason for stringency to destroy part of it. An animal figurine is not included in this prohibition.


See Shulchan Aruch Y:D, Rama 141:3, Shach 141:16, however the opinion of the Chochmas Adam 85:6 is that today that such figurines are not worshiped there is no prohibition against retaining them. See Darkei Teshuva 141:18. cf. Igros Moshe Y:D 2:54, Shevet Halevi 7:134:1, Dinim Vhanhagot Chazon Ish pg.23.

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