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Heavenly Voices and Spiritual Guides


Question: First I would like to know what it mean that you shouldn’t listen to voice from heaven? Also do Jews believe in spiritual guides. I believe they are tools to help a person from hashem. I had two incidents. One when I was 8 years old I became a born again Christian. I’m a Jew from birth. At age 10 and my brother taking me to his Rabbi I didn’t buge driving my family crazy. I had just bought a new testament and I was reading it before going to bed. As I read it I looked up and saw the sky and I heard a very strong authoritave voice tell me that there shall be no other gods before me. I freaked and through the new testament and it landed in the garage can across the way. Then I hid under the cover until morning and got up and thought that was one scary dream, but when I passed the pail I saw my book in it and I realize it wasn’t a dream and I dumped the Christianity and never looked back. Should I have listen to this voice that came from Heaven? Next and this will be the last one. I feel I have a spiritual guide who teaches me hashem’s word. We study Torah together and when I’m out of sorts he helps me with doing things. A longer story but I won’t get into that. So just recently my spiritual guide came rushing in to my bedroom and said a spiritual friend of mine wants you to go to the doctor on Monday, I wasn’t in the mood but made the appointment to get a blood tests. When I called back on Wednesday my doctor said one of my medicine was making a poison in my body and thank goodness we caught now, that it could do terrible damage to my body and could cause death. I was scare, but amazed and how it started with one soul telling another to go on that Monday. Is this from heaven, from hashem. I would like to think so. I guess this is enough


Generally in our day and age we assume that there is no prophecy and no voices from heaven speaking with people. However, maybe this is a question of perception. Certainly every person does receive some level of Divine inspiration to help guide them. Our decisions in life and actual thought process are also guided by Hashem. So while it is uncommon to be hearing voice or seeing guides, perhaps this is your perception of your Divine inspiration. As long as this inspiration does not “command” you to do anything outlandish or unreasonable and helps your spiritual growth in Judaism, it would seem fine to follow it’s guidance. This is the Rabbinic perspective, it may be a good idea to speak it over with your doctor as well to get the medical angle on this question.

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  1. Thanks for your reply. I would like to say having a spirtual gude has only been very enlightening In all the 15 I’ve known him, his nanme is Daniel he has never gone against torah In fact he wants me to learn Torah everyday, and learn together, light my Shabbos candles on time He aslo tells me when my husband is coming home from shul. . I’ve talked to a social worker that was aslo a Rabbi and he said what I’m doing is kosher, but when somebody recently mentioned about the voice from heaven it scared me a little. Of course I wanted to talk again to the Rabbi but he is very hard to reach these days, and me now having this bad cold, made me vunerable, and looking for comformation on those two things I wrote to you.

    1. ok, good to hear you are in touch with other professionals – rabbis, social worker etc., important to help make sure you stay grounded in a healthy way

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