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Chinich Policy: Acceptance, Expulsion


I see many times (not just on this website and in general) halachic questions spanning many different minutia. Sometimes on dwelling into advanced intellectual matters sometimes boredering onto the realm of naarishkeit. But i see a disconnect it seems many poskim/rabbis shy away from certain lightning rods which heavily effect the jewish community. One of these is the question(s) regarding the Yeshiva system with regard to halacha. Acceptance policies. School policies during the year. And finally the creme de la creme the massive question which gets no justified attention.
Expulsion policies and it in regards to halachic din!
Now hopefully god willing you will answer this question with the merit and attention it deserves especially considering the epidemic conditions going on in the yeshivas nowadays. Thank you a concerned bystander


We would be glad to try and answer to the best of our ability, if you could just be more specific with your question, about which policy you are referring to, etc..


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