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Non Kosher Cutlery


Dear Rabbonim,

In a situation requiring leniency and in a private home are there any heterim to be able to use a metal teaspoon to stir hot parev tea in a glass cup.

This particular utensil would unlikely to be used for anything bar hot drinks (assumption) and would certainly be washed thoroughly albeit mixed together with other items.

The home does not have separate meat and milk

Thank you


The glass cup may be used. Ideally, a plastic spoon should be used. If there is a need the metal spoon may be used.


This is based on a number of reasons:

There is an assumption that the average utensil has not been used for 24 hours and as such the non kosher taste it expels no longer have non kosher status as they are considered stale or spoiled. This spoon may also never have had non kosher taste in it to begin with. In addition, usually a small spoon in a full glass will be nullified by the tea being 60 times the size of the head of the spoon. The taste in the spoon may also have been spoiled by being washed with hot water and soap or dishwashing liquid.

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