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Home with Christian Icons


Hello, I often need to visit a family who is Orthodox Christian and they have a lot of icons in their home. They are pictures of Jesus and saints etc that they need for prayers, they pray in front of them. Now I read about avoda zara and I got worried that there’s a problem about the icons. Are there halachic problems about them? For example, when I sleep or pray in their house. I’ve tried not to pray towards them while I’m there, but it’s difficult because they have them everwhere. Please can you advise me about this, I really don’t want to accidentally do avoda zara or anything like , but I’m confused about the halachot.
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While these icons are religious articles, they are not actually idols. They do not pray to the picture as to a statue, it only represents what they are praying to. In any event, if you have a need to enter this house you may. As long as it is not in a special prayer room, you may pray there as well. However you should not be facing any of these icons when praying.

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