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Urination on Pants, Maaser and Taxes


1   is if somebody gets a little bit of urine on pants is it enough to just dry clean them in order to daven wearing them?

2    And second does one give maaser after or before taxes?


1    Yes, dry cleaning is sufficient. Urine absorbed in a garment only poses a problem when the garment is wet to the extent it will wet the hand enough to wet what the hand subsequently touches [“tofeach al mnas lhatfiach”].

2    One may deduct  taxes from his maaser accounting.


1    Shulchan Aruch O:C 82:2, MIshna Brura s”k 2

2    See Pischei Tshuva, Yoreh Deah 259:1 in the name of the Chavos Yair. See also Shevet Halevi 5:133:4.


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