1. If one’s shoes are broken – can one buy new ones during the Omer?
2. Can one have a new Shabbat suit fitted and made by a tailor during the Omer. I saw it brought that it is dependent on minhag hamakom and as long as one pays for it after the Omer. What if the tailor insists on a down payment?


1. Yes, there is no prohibition against buying new items of clothing in the Omer period.

2. Yet, there is no problem of having a suit fitted and made during the Omer, and one can even wear new clothes in the Omer period and recite a berachah over them. The Omer period is not a time of sadness, and on the contrary, it is a joyful time between Pesach and Shavuot. Nonetheless, we practice some customs of mourning because of the deaths of the disciples of Rabbi Akiva, but this doesn’t change the period into a sad period, and it is permitted to wear new clothes and to recite Shehecheyanu.


See Mishnah Berurah 493:2.

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