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Preference of Minyan


If one has a choice between davening in a place where he will be able to say more of Pesukei D’zimra, but the minyan is not really a good minyan (S”E is rushed, there is talking during krias hatorah, many people are not bnei Torah), versus davening in a place where he will be able to say less of the psalms (due to coming late), but the davening there is better (they allow more time for S”E, the people are bnei Torah), where should he daven? Should one take into consideration that the rav of the second shul has specifically requested that one come to his shul, and will be offended if one does not? (And one is very close with this rav.)


It is hard to give a definitive answer without being familiar with all the details personally. It would seem the top priority is a place that you are comfortable davening in, and will be able to daven with the most kavana. It would certainly seem justified to avoid a place where there is talking during the tefilla. While fulfilling the request of a Rav you are close with certainly has merit, he should understand as well that your priority is having a meaningful tefillah.


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